Thursday, January 15, 2009

My life

Well this is my new post!I thought I would start with something before I forgot so my day basically was babysitting well dealing with the sub-zero weather, and my brother's b-day and then tonight finding out I can whistle and becoming addicted to a knit beanie.Yeah I have a strange life and I was instructed to go to bed by twelve or I would as my dad says "Get it" OK then.Well I thought I would use your time to show you some of my favorite items and pastimes.

Ok so I have no idea were my photo went so lets move on, Hi I am Brianna I am 11 years of age tell August 16th and I live the boringest life in the most boringest town well sometimes!And I decided to make this to give you a sneak peek into my life.Here are some random facts about me,
1.I was born on the mourning day of many.
2.I rock out on my clarinet at least I think so.
3.I have become extremely addicted to polyvore.
4.I have the most randomest taste in everything.
5.I hate cold funny because of my living conditions.
6.I want Florida, and I broke the news to my grandma that she would be moving to Florida and keeping a room for me there.
7.I just randomly turn on the Style channel and it seems to never go off usually I never no whats on.
8.I love vacations, I don't get many though I flew on a plane for the first time last year.
9.Nashville has permanently left me questioning Tennessee.
10.I had the creepiest dream last night and I am so creeped out by it at the moment.

Well before I go I will sign you off with something to listen to and a question.

First somethings to listen to, FIRST of all if you need something uplifting for your good ears to hear go on youtube and search The Wrestler by Bruce Springsteen and listen to the lyrics.Second of all you know how I mentioned the beanie,well I made something up Ear Infections are Like Men, They don't let you sleep and they don't let you turn on the A-C and if you haven't figured it out yes I have a double ear infection that is killing me.Well untill we meet again.

Goodbye Farewell,

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